Follow these steps to ensure a successful transfer from your high school to a community college to ASU, NAU or UA! Click on each step to get detailed information and links.

1. Choose A Community College

Arizona has many public and tribal community colleges. Click here to find one closest to you!

2. Explore Dual Enrollment Courses

Dual Enrollment allows high school students to take community college classes and earn college credit. You can begin working on a college degree earlier in your academic career and complete your degree in a shorter period of time!

Not all courses are available at every high school. To learn more, contact your high school guidance office.

Search for Dual Enrollment courses

3. Take Exams to Earn College Credit

High school students are eligible to earn college credit by taking these exams:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

Search the
Exam Equivalency Guide to learn what college credit you earn for you exam scores!

4. Begin with Arizona General Education Courses

If you begin your education at a community college and plan to transfer to an Arizona university, the first step is to complete your Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC). Even if you've already started taking college classes through dual enrollment, many of them may be AGEC courses.

The AGEC is the foundation of your community college education and is equal to 35-37 credit hours. You will need to take additional courses outside of the AGEC to earn your Associate's Degree.

5. Choose A Major and Degree

A major is the subject or course of study you intend to pursue at the university. It's important to choose an Associate's Degree that is related to the university major you choose. For example, if you want to earn a Bachelor's Degree in English from ASU you will need to complete the Associate in Arts (AA) degree first.

There are several different types of Associate's Degrees available in Arizona:

  • Associate in Arts (AA)
  • Associate in Science (AS)
  • Associate in Business (ABUS)
  • Associate in Arts - Elementary Education (AAEE)
  • Associate in Arts - Fine Arts (Choose Art, Dance, or Theatre)
  • Associate in Arts - Early Childhood Education (AAEC)

Learn more about associate degrees.

Not sure what to study? Check out the Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS)! Click here.

Once you select a degree you will need to
meet with an academic advisor to learn what courses you should take to fulfill the requirements of the degree. Remember, an AGEC is the foundation of your degree. You will need to take additional courses outside of the AGEC to earn your Associate's Degree.

6. Explore Transfer Pathways

Many of Arizona's community colleges have pathway programs designed to offer students a smooth transition to the university. While you're planning your education after high school, explore the convenient transfer programs available at your community college!

These programs include:

These are not the only ways to transfer to a university. Check each university's transfer admissions information for more options.

Make sure to meet with your community college advisor along the way!

7. Complete Your AGEC and Apply it to Your Transcript

Once you complete your AGEC you will need to apply to have it added to your transcript for transfer to the university. Your academic advisor will help you with this step.

8. Apply for Admission to the University

If you are not using one of the transfer pathways listed in step one, you will need to apply for admission to the university. It's a good idea to apply for admission as you near completion of your associate's degree. Each university has different application processes. Click the links below to learn about admissions for each university:

Helpful Tips:
  • Get to know your chosen transfer institution’s academic calendar, admission priority dates, deadlines and degree requirements.
  • Visit the university prior to applying.
  • Submit your application(s) for admission and all of your official transcripts (including AP and CLEP test scores if you have any) by the deadlines specified at each university.
  • Check to see if high school transcripts and test scores are required.
  • Send final official transcripts after the term is completed and the grades, AGEC and degree are posted.
  • Obtain a Health Form and proof of immunization.

9. Complete Your Associate's Degree

Your associate's degree is made up of your 35-37 credit hours of AGEC courses along with approximately 30 additional credit hours of courses required for your chosen degree.

Learn more about associate's degrees.

After you completed all of your AGEC courses and the additional courses required for your associate's degree, you're ready to graduate and transfer to the university!
Step By Step Arizona Transfer Guide