How were courses selected to become SUN courses?
Senate Bill (SB) 1186, the 2010 legislation that mandated a shared course numbering system, specifically identified the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) and common major courses for inclusion in the system because these courses are the most commonly used in transfer and articulation between Arizona’s institutions of higher education.

Will more SUN courses be added?
The SUN System is being implemented in phases; the initial phase includes the AGEC and major courses which have direct equivalencies at all three Arizona universities and the community college districts which offer them. Institutions are reviewing additional courses for inclusion in the SUN System.

Will non-SUN courses transfer?
Yes! The Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) has been publishing course transfer information since 1973. The CEG system is still used for determining the transferability of coursework, and the SUN System is built upon the direct equivalencies in the CEG. The SUN System makes it easy for students to select courses with direct equivalencies across institutions.

Are general electives included in the SUN System?
Only courses that transfer as direct equivalents are included in the SUN System. Depending on a student’s major and institution some SUN courses might be considered electives.

Why doesn't SUN include private or tribal colleges?
The 2010 legislation mentioned above, Senate Bill (SB) 1186, only addressed Arizona’s ten public community college districts and the three state universities (ASU, NAU, and UA).

Where are SUN course numbers listed?
The SUN implementation plan calls for SUN course numbers to be included in catalogs, transcripts, websites, databases, and degree audit programs. In addition to the materials of the thirteen participating institutions, students can visit the SUN page on for more information on the SUN System and course transfer in Arizona.

Why can't all colleges just change their course numbers?
Historically, Arizona’s colleges and universities have developed their course banks independently over many decades. As a result, there are many curriculum decisions and business practices based on course numbering that are very costly to change, considering the many places where course information is located. For this reason, SUN was developed as a “supra-numbering” system that does not require any institution to changes its course prefixes, numbers, or titles.

Will SUN replace current course numbers?
No. The advantage of the SUN System is that institutions can retain their course prefixes, numbers, and titles, and then “map” those to the corresponding SUN prefixes, numbers, and titles.

Will the SUN appear on my transcripts?
Yes, only for those courses that have received SUN numbers.

Does the SUN apply to courses I've already taken?
SUN courses take effect in January 2012. For courses taken before this date, students should check the Course Equivalency Guide for the year the courses were taken to determine their equivalencies.

Will my SUN courses transfer to out-of-state colleges?
The SUN System is unique to Arizona public community colleges and universities only. The SUN System does not affect transferability to out-of-state colleges and courses will transfer out-of-state as they always have. Transferability is at the discretion of the receiving institution.