Start your transfer journey here with the basics of transfer in Arizona!

AZTransfer defines "transfer" as the process of moving between or among the public community colleges and state universities in Arizona. Transfer students typically progress from a community college to a university.

Building Your Transfer Degree

A transfer student's ultimate goal is to earn a bachelor's degree. Understanding the components of a bachelor's degree as earned by a transfer student can be a helpful way to ensure the maximum number of credits from the community college will be accepted by the university.

The Associate's Degree
The associate's degree is made up of 64 community college credits. The 64 credits are broken down into three groups:

• 35-37 credits from Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) courses.
• Elective credits
• 6 or more credits from common courses
Common courses are lower-division courses that will apply toward your selected degree at an Arizona public university. These common courses provide you with the option of taking classes that will apply toward your degree even if you are unsure which Arizona public university you will attend.
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The Bachelor's Degree
A bachelor's degree is approximately 120 credit hours of coursework. Of the 120 credits, up to 64 credits may be transferred from a community college and applied toward a bachelor's degree. For some degree programs, up to 90 credits can be transferred.

The image to the right shows the number of credits student's can earn for each component of the transfer degree.

Steps for University Transfer

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It's never too early to think about planning your education after high school.

High School Step-By-Step
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Get sound advice for ensuring a successful transfer experience.

Transfer Tips
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Make sure you're on track for a seamless transfer!

Community College Step-By-Step