Undecided or Partially Decided Students

Completing the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) is the best first step for undecided students. There are three AGEC blocks available. Learn about the AGEC by clicking here.

The community colleges offer over
50 Major Guides in various fields of study in which you may find your major. These are general pathways whose specialized coursework can be applied to any of the university programs listed in the major guide.
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Transfer to ASU

ASU provides several transfer programs with the community colleges that offer students many benefits and help make transfer easier. Maricopa Community College students who want to transfer to ASU can participate in the Maricopa to ASU Pathway Programs (MAPPs). All other Arizona community college students can participate in the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) programs to help with a seamless transfer.

Learn more about transferring to ASU.
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Transfer to NAU

At most Arizona community colleges, you can participate in a joint admission program with NAU. Through the 2NAU or Connect2NAU programs, students are admitted to NAU while attending and completing an associate's degree. NAU and the community college will provide you with guidance throughout the first two years and support you as you finish a four-year degree.

Learn more about transferring to NAU.
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Transfer to the UA

The University of Arizona offers many transfer options including pathway programs from many Arizona community colleges. Students can also transfer associate's degrees and AGEC courses.

Learn more about transferring to the UA