FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS, academic leaders from each of Arizona’s public postsecondary institutions have collaborated to support transfer student success. Known as the AZTransfer Steering Committee, this coordinating body ensures Arizona’s students have access to efficient, seamless, and simple ways to transfer from a community college to a university in Arizona.


College degree pathways are accessible to all Arizonans.

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AZTransfer, an organization of academic leaders, supports successful transfer of credits and degree completion for students in all public postsecondary institutions in Arizona.

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The decisions and actions of the AZTransfer Steering Committee demonstrate:
• Our primary driving purpose is student academic success
• Our leadership is transparent, collegial, collaborative, and proactive
• Our decision making is data informed and outcome focused
• Our fiscal stewardship is conserving yet goal-oriented

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AZTransfer membership consists of Arizona's three public universities, ten community college districts, and two tribal colleges.

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